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The most elaborate security plan is useless if it is not practical and workable

MSS Port Facility Security Plan 'Health Check'

Maritime Security Solutions Ltd believe that whatever Port Security systems are in place they are worthless unless the man on the ground responds correctly. Similarly, the most elaborate security plan is useless if it is not practical and workable.

Our consultants have years of experience protecting ports in high-risk areas where cost has been a major consideration.

Port Facility Security Plan 'Health Check'

AUDIT, REVIEW and AMENDMENT of Port Facility Security Plan:

What are the possible outcomes of a failure to pass a TRANSEC or EU inspection?

Potential Problems may arise with:

What can be offered to rectify these problems?

On-site Port Security Training

Maritime Security Solutions' Consultants

Our consultants are all experienced maritime security professionals who have served in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • Merchant Navy
  • Royal Navy
  • Special Boat Service (Royal Marines)
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Special Branch
  • HM Customs & Excise
  • TRANSEC (Dept of Transport)

They have first-hand experience of working in areas of high-risk and are cognisant of the expectations of Administration Auditors.


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